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About Notes - Q & A for Art Upmarket

A brief Insight about my art and Q & A for the next Art Upmarket Perth

Find out about my sources of inspiration, the art materials that I use and what visitors will find at my Art Upmarket stall, next Saturday 19th of October at Withrop Hall, UWA University Campus

Nidia where do you find inspiration for your art?

Color, abstract shapes in nature, and places I’ve visited are my source of inspiration.

Coming from a Latin cultural background, color is an essential part of my life that I use to create my color palettes, to express myself or to highlight a period of time. Color is a whole science that I enjoy exploring and developing.

As a keen observer, I transfer in to my art, forms and contours from nature that challenge conventional eye perception, giving form to new possibilities, sometimes magical, sometimes unexpected.

Being present in the places where I’ve been, far or close, allows me to immerse myself in the elements that emphasise the unique features of those spaces. From there, I use photography and visual diaries and graphic concepts to develop these concepts further.

What materials do you like to work with and why?

I am a mixed media artist so I used anything that is available in my studio. While it could be puzzling, I find that this eclectic mix provides contrast and variation on the layers of the canvas or my works on paper.

I mainly use different types of acrylics, they are very versatile. I love drawing so I have all sorts of drawing tools from graphite, to color pencils, soft and oil pastels, inks and pens, but my favourite is charcoal.

What can Art Upmarket visitors expect from you?

I offer a range of framed abstract and decorative artworks adaptable to fit into contemporary or eclectic spaces to enhance modern day settings with a statement. I create mostly medium to large sizes, but I am also happy receiving commissions for extra-large or small sizes or individual color schemes.

I am a committed artist to my art career, exhibiting regularly, improving and producing constantly artworks for my interdisciplinary practice.

If you have a small or large interior decorating project, an office or corporate space to incorporate art, I can help you with your ideas, from sketches through to the final artworks, at no additional cost.

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