White Floating Frame



Add to the width of the painiting: 3 cm

Deep: 5.5 cm


As the frame is an aesthetic option, in color and form for the painting, there are situations where there is only ONE option, which I decide with my framer. For all my paintings we choose contemporary frames.

There are situations where there is more that once option, example same black color, but choice of floating or simple tick rustic frame, having the same aestehic result. For each painting, when more that one option, I provide a sugested option with the painting description.


Framing is included with each painting. Once I receive your order, the painting is delivered for framing. Please allow one to two weeks for this. Once the painting is framed, it will be delivered to you. Please check shipping conditions information.


Please return conditions. If this occurre, there is a charge for the frame. Once a frame is put to a painting there is no option to remove it. Please choose carefuly.

All my framing is done by The Finishing Touch, professional frames from Perth, using frames made in Perth and from overseas, made of natural or other industry materials, acid free, securing long lasting live to the painting.


All my paintings are delivered ready to hang.

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White Florating Frame

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